1850's Weekly

All The News You Could Possibly Want!

The Economic Growth of The Decade!

Because of the defeat of Napoleon, immigration is increasing! By 1860, we expect for the Untied States employment rate to grow to 1 million!


The Fugitive Slave Act has been established! All runaway slaves are now allowed to be brought back to their owner, even if they ran to a free state.

New political party! Republicans have made a name for themselves in the political running in Wisconsin. The Whigs were barely clinging to life, so a Democratic victory was assured from the start.

Democratic front runners for the nomination included such luminaries as Lewis Cass, James Buchanan, and Stephen A. Douglas None was able to secure the necessary two-thirds vote at the convention and the nomination eventually (on the 49th ballot) went to Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire.

Your Favorite Society!

Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin is published! Her insightful novel into the life of a slave makes for a great read. Get it now at your local bookstore!
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Talk To Your Girl 'Suzanne the Woman'

'Dear Suzanne,

I have been having some trouble these last few days, my husband has been wanting me to work! now, as a woman living with her 5 children, how on earth does he expect me to do something like that?! That's just preposterous. Anyway. I need your advice on how to talk to him.

With much love, Elizabeth'

Dear Elizabeth,

I have heard of a lot of different situations such as yours. Because of this, I know exactly how to handle your stubborn husband! Silly men, they do not understand the struggles of a mother. This means that you need to show him just how busy you really are. let him know all of your concerns and if he disagrees, let him take care of the kids for a day!

your's truly, Suzanne the Woman

Agriculture Versus industrialization

New studies have shown that southerners are more likely to grow crops! This is due to the warmer climate and more open land! This is bringing in the big bucks! Especially with the new machine, the cotton gin! So make sure you are buying some of their delicious crops!

Time for a good corn on the cob.

While our friends down south are growing their crops, the rest of us up here are starting up our factories! Work hard in these factories, and you will earn a big Check! Comprised mostly of white-collar workers and skilled laborers, this growing middle class will become the driving force behind a variety of reform movements.