1G Weekly News

September 27th, 2014

Notes and Updates

Hi parents,

EID Mubarak! I hope everyone is enjoying their EID Holiday. I'm excited to hear about all the fun and exciting events that occurred over the break. Just as a reminder students will be start school on Monday, September 28th.

Before the break the students had a great time at their EID party. Thank you to our homeroom parent, Jennifer, for organizing and all the other parents who came and helped out. The students had such a lovely time. Students also had a great time learning about nouns and adjectives and revising their books to add specific nouns and adjectives. They then revised their pictures to add setting. In Reading, students worked on making predictions, building stamina, rereading, and practiced having deeper conversations of our books through turn and talks. In Math, we continued to practice counting on and how to solve missing addend problems. Most students are really using the strategies they have learned to help them. Finally in social studies we are learned more about the value of Responsibility.

Scroll down to read about what we will be learning next week and important dates and information for next week.


Shannon Keane

Special Announcements


Reminder that dismissal for students who are picked up will be at the cafeteria. The gates for parents will open at 2:45 pm and the cafeteria will provide a cooler place for you to wait. We ask that all parents walk around the Lower Elementary building to access the cafeteria rather than through the hallways. Occasionally, we do hold events for students in the cafeteria at the end of the day. If this is the case we would kindly request that you use the shaded area at the blue basketball courts to wait until 3pm dismissal.

Teachers will walk Parent Pick-up students to the cafeteria at 3:00. Each 1st grade class will have designated areas in the elementary cafeteria. There will be signs posted as to where each section will gather. Please wait until all of our class is at our table. Students will have a name card that they will need to hand to me when you come to get them. Please help your child understand the importance of giving this card to me! I want to know that all students are picked up by the right person and get home safely! I know the first few weeks will be hectic as we work out the kinks in this new system. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we learn this new routine.

All ASA’s will continue to dismiss at gate 5.

Coffee with the Director

Dr. Tom Hawkins invites you to join him for coffee (or tea) and conversation. This is an informal gathering to give the ASD community an opportunity to learn more about the school, to ask questions of the new Director, and to meet other parents. All will be held in the Elementary School Cafeteria at the following time: 6:30am September 30 (before heading to work)


Homework will begin this week. It will be in the Green Pouch and will be due on Thursday. However, we understand that some weeks are busier than others. If you ever need to keep the homework over the weekend to complete it, that is fine. Just return it on Sunday.

A Peek at the Week Ahead