Google Maps for Education

Google Map and Google Earth


Lesson Ideas

  • Search for settings of novels, short stories, non-fiction articles, and/or films.
  • Visit places mentioned in novels and/or short stories using Street View.
  • Use locations for journal/writing prompts.
  • Write travel directions between locations for procedural text.
  • Create your own literary trip using Google Earth or have students create one. Click here to view more information.
What is a Google Lit Trip


Lesson Ideas

  • Use Google Maps to measure distances between places and actual objects to find real world solutions to mathematical problems. Example lesson by Dale Basler. Watch the video below in the Science section for instructions on measuring distance in Google Maps.
  • Compare distance/time in routes for walking, public transportation, biking, and driving.
  • Show natural geometrical angles and shapes in streets, objects, and locations.
  • Calculate the volume of famous locations or land area/perimeter.
HeyMath! MathTrail

Math Resources


  • Math Maps - interactive Google Maps with embedded math activities. Teachers can contribute and share ideas. Targeted to K-5, but activities could be adjusted for other grade levels.
  • Google Treks for Mathematics - Google Maps activities for any grade level.
  • Math Trail by HeyMath! - Game-based activity powered by Google Maps that takes you to locations and you answer math questions along the way. Watch a video about the game below.


Lesson Ideas

  • Use Google Maps to help students with speed, velocity, and displacement in Physics with routes. Example lesson by Dale Basler. Watch the video above for instructions on measuring distance in Google Maps.
To How Measure Distances In Google Maps

Science Resources

Social Studies

Social Studies Resources


Google Street View Art Project: Presenting the world's Artwork!

Google Art Project, Street Art: Explore the story behind the Art