News from Room 4

August 31, 2018

First Day of School

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What we will be learning next week:

* Language Arts Unit 1Week 1- What makes you special?

- Vocabulary: genuine, interest, cheerful, prefer, unique

- Spelling: (Short a) man, ran, can, cat, hat, mat; not, up

- Comprehension Skill: Character and Setting

* Math- Counting and comparing numbers

Next week we will be focusing on Habit 1, Be Proactive from 7 Habits of a happy child. Here are some Baby Steps you can encourage your child to do at home. They are also great discussion topics as well. We will be making a poster, acting situations out, and discussing, how to be proactive in the room as well.

Baby Steps from The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey

(We will read the story about Sammy and Allie on Tuesday)

1. The next time you feel bored, do something nice for someone else, like Sammy did for Allie.

2. Try doing something today that you’ve always been scared to do. Make a new friend, raise your hand in class, or clean the toilet.

3. The next time you get mad and want to say something mean or rude, bite your tongue instead and don’t say it.

4. If you do something wrong, say you’re sorry before someone asks you to apologize

Important Notes

-I have had a wonderful week getting to know your very sweet children and look forward to talking with you at Back to School Night.

-Next week I will start reading groups and will level your child in a leveled reading bin however, the books won't go home until the following week. We will learn these words in the classroom and practice them throughout the week. You can practice them with your child at home as well but we won't have traditional spelling tests. More info will be discussed at Back to School Night.

-Friday folders went home today and will continue to go home each Friday. Please take everything out of the folders and return them to school the following week. Today a very important yellow envelope was included in the folder. Please fill out all paperwork and return ASAP. The office really needs ALL papers filled out and signed. The first Friday of the month I will also send home a monthly picture of your child. Enjoy and see how the change through out the year!

Upcoming Events:

  • Emergency Packets: Today your child will bring home a yellow envelope that contains forms to be completed by Friday, Sept. 7th.
  • Back to School Night: Can't wait to see you all on Thursday, Sept 6th 6-7pm in Room 4. I will go over the ins and outs of 1st grade.
  • Labor Day: NO SCHOOL on Monday, Sept 3rd
  • Picture Day: Monday, Sept 11th. SAY CHEESE ... come dressed with a smile!
  • Back to School Family BBQ: Friday, Sept 7th 3:00-5:00pm. Join the SSF tradition for some music, games, and a food truck on the blacktop.


Christy Campbell

Our First Week!

Learning the Rules of SSF

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Finding a Friend - We interview each other to find what our friends like.

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat is our theme this year. We read a few books and learned about his School Shoes. So we shoes our school shoes too!

Big Buddies

Mrs. Spitzmiller's 4th grade class will visit our room each Friday for buddy time. Today we interview each other to get to know our new buddy.

Mrs. Noble

Mrs. Noble, our guidance councilor introduced herself and talked about rules on the playground.
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Snack Time

We give the first grade 10 minutes to eat so make sure to pack a good snack!
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Math Time

We found different strategies and equations to a dot math problem then shared it with the class.

Thanks Paige for the amazing mat!

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Mr. Frumovitz

Our new principal, Mr. Frumovitz learned each of our names and something about each and everyone of us then read a Dr. Seuss book. The students were very impressed because he only took one breath to read each page.
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Social Centers

In the afternoon we have time to interact with friends by creating and using our fine motor skills.

Magic Play-dough

On Tuesday we read a poem and squeezed white play-dough to see if it would change colors.... it did!!! Ask your child about this experience.

September Apple Directed Draw

Each month we will make one directed drawing to go with a monthly theme. They will be hung up on the wall for the month then kept in the Memory books and you will enjoy them in June!
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We love our shirts!

Please wear your shirt each Friday to show school spirit.
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25 years!

At the Friday assembly Mrs. Hays (3rd grade teacher) and Mrs. Suppa (Office) were given flowers since they opened SSF 25 years ago.
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Happy Birthday SSF!

As a 25th birthday gift the PTO provided one snow cone to each student.