The News of Tomorrow!!!!!!

^^^^ I had to. By Austin Haefner

The world of today is not tomorrow!!

The world of today is not tomorrow. America is changing and will never be the same, nothing ever will be the same. America is becoming a Communist State called, The New World Order.

The Future!!


The world of tomorrow is not today! The government is acquiring complete control over us. There is not longer "Free Speech". It is a thing of the past, so forget it. The country is being controlled by dictators who care only for themselves.

Our tomorrow is never the same with each second...

With every "new" dying second, another future is born. But, looming in human future, is the ever lasting destruction, WWIII. I think that when this war happens, America will form the "New World Order" and from this world, we will have 1987.
World War 3 is Coming - Shocking Predictions Coming True

Our Next president.

Our next president will prepare us for the inevitable. He might even cause it. Mitt Romney would have started some wars, but a full on World War is going to breakout and consume the world in a fiery blaze.

Ways they control...

They control the people in many ways. I can think of three off the top of my head, news, movies and campaigns.


Normally, the news can not give a thought against something that people feel strong about. I remember watching the news about the thing in Ferguson and all of the white people were agreeing with what the black people said. Another time I was listening to the radio and a guy was saying that he was not against the cop for shooting the kid, a guy came on and yelled at him about that.


Normally, movies are not real life. During the cold wars we had, James Bond who was against the Reds. Not to long ago, we had Indiana Jones against the Nazis. No matter what we watch, we are always against the open minded, those who think and act for themselves. In many cases, one of which I have personally endured, is one where a black man got away with something he shouldn't have. That leads me to believe that the blacks will run the country in years to come.


Often times, politicians use mind bending to their favor. They offer up ideas, like Obama with change, and they get elected. The worst part is, is that we, the people, don't even get a say in our government affairs. Ne never get to pick our presidents, our cabinets non of the above. Why, complete control.