Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - Sept 28

Productive Struggle

What's worth struggling over?

That question is the basis of most lesson planning.

The art of teaching is probably based on these two, related questions:

"What should we spend our time struggling over?" and

"How comfortable am I allowing the struggle to continue?"

I appreciate the conversations we have around productive struggle and rigor. In an ever-changing society with new technology, it seems like the definition of rigor has to keep adjusting as well. Perhaps the principle that hasn't changed is that learning is supposed to be uncomfortable. It should move learners to explore, question, and challenge at least their own minds if not the minds of others as well.

I appreciate the article Beth shared entitled "Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say". Here's another way to put it: The person doing the talking is the person doing the learning.

The struggle is real. Thanks for engaging in it!

Looking Ahead

Wednesday, October 3 and Thursday, October 4

Conferences - Please reach out and schedule conferences with families that did not sign up so that every student has a conference. See below for more info about conferences.

Thursday, October 4

Lakeview PTO day at Culver's. Here is the flyer to use if you go.

Friday, October 5

No school for students or staff

Wednesday, October 10

Staff meeting 7:15-8:15

Thursday, October 11

PTO Meeting, 7-8 p.m. in the library

Friday, October 19

Grandparent's Day 8:30-10:00


If you are hoping for either Heather or Chris to attend a specific conference, please add it to this spreadsheet. Don't worry about overlapping times right now. Heather and I will look at the list and make final determinations.

Please ask every family about our Lakeview communications. Print this document with instructions and use it with every conference. We want to be able to reach all of our families.

If your class is already on Pearson Realize, be sure parents know how to see use it at home with students. This sheet also has links for anyone to use without logging in. Print and cut in half.

After conferences, I will ask for a list of how many families attended. That could be as simple as turning in your conference schedule, marking which families attended and which did not.

Bits & Pieces

Post-it notes - Everyone who attends staff meetings received 4 post-it notes in your mailbox on Thursday with instructions. As you lesson plan this weekend, please continue to jot down what high-quality instruction looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Bring the post-it notes to my office by next Wednesday. Or just stick them to my door and I'll put them on the posters.

CPI trained? - If you are CPI trained, could you please send me an email and let me know? I don't know who is trained at this point and want to be able to make plans next time training opportunities arise. If you were trained and have lapsed, you can tell me that as well.

2nd lunch (K/3/4) - Please have students come in and sit down after they pick up their lunch card. Do not go directly to lunch line. This allows our nutrition staff enough time to be ready in the quick transition from first to second lunch. 2nd lunch supervisors will then tell students when to get up from the table and get in line for hot lunch.

Family newsletter - Here is a link to this week's family newsletter. I will be asking you to survey every family at conferences to ask them if they are receiving our newsletter, and if not, how we can make sure they do going forward.

Positive Calls from the Principal - If you have a student that does something in class that you would like me to recognize, please fill out this short form. Make it a bookmark in your browser. I will have the student come to the office, congratulate them, and make a positive phone call home.

Para Evaluation Info


You should now be able to log into your Frontline account.

Once logged in, click on the "Learning Plan" icon on the left side. It looks like a little spiral notebook. You should use the form called "Goal Setting Plan" to write your goal as discussed in the August meeting. There are forms with similar titles - be careful to choose the "Goal Setting Plan" form at this time.

If you have login troubles, first ask another para or your supervising teacher for assistance. If that does not resolve the issue, we will need to contact Jen Sielaff.

Help our Building Service Helpers

Some things that you students can do to help our building service helpers work efficiently and have our school in shape day after day:

Breakfast garbage taken out prior to 10:00 a.m.

Chairs stacked at the end of the day

Paper, pencils, crayons and other items that have fallen to the floor picked up

Desks and tables neatly arranged with adequate accessibility for cleaning

Windows closed and locked

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

Dare #5 is below!

Remember, building consistent relationships is a TSS practice. Use character dares for that!

Big picture