Minimizing Makeup

💄Shrink, shrink, small!💄

Do you think your lips are too big?

Minimizing makeup is a new revolutionary product. If you think your lips are too big, just apply some Minimizing Makeup. Minimizing Makeup makes your lips shrink, and if you put on some everyday, your lips might even disappear! This remarkable formula can shrink lips in hours! Many celebrities have purchased and used this product. Big lips are so off trend and with this product, you can make your lips look extra trendy. Everyone is using this product! 4 in 5 people surveyed have bought Minimizing Makeup and love it! Minimizing Makeup is perfect for everyday use, or a night out on the town! Hurry up and go out and get it now!

Our Amazing Lipsticks:

Kylie Jenner Endorsed!

"I got sick of my big lips. I wanted to find a solution to make them smaller as fast as possible for a reasonable price. Then I found Minimizing Makeup! This product has changed my life!" -Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner before and after!