How to Watch the Tiger Time News

from anywhere!

What is Tiger Time Network (TTN)

Tiger Time News (TTN) is our student-led school news program. We broadcast live every morning to every classroom, and thanks to our awesome PTA we have state of the art, green-screen capable equipment!

All of our 5th grade students are eligible to be part of the team. They can choose to be an anchor, share the cafeteria menu, or be a weather reporter. Or they can work behind the scenes controlling the camera, the teleprompter, or the mixer and soundboard.

We also make special announcements, celebrate birthdays, and participate in saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Texas Flag.

You might be wondering how you can watch the TTN Morning Show.

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2. Go to RESOURCES and select TECHNOLOGY

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3. Select Morning Show Access

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4. Log in using your child's GCISD credentials

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5. Enjoy!

Now you can watch the show live or go back to watch previously recorded episodes.

The videos can also be downloaded.

*FYI- The first several minutes of the recorded shows will just be the title screen.