Glendale News Update

The Snow is Gone...will it return?

Weekly Updates for December 14-18

The 5th grade students and parents jumped on the bus and were preparing for home after a week at Wolf Ridge. The students experienced quality classes, hiking, kitchen patrol and the popular ropes courses. If you want to see some of the events, check out social media: @GDWolfridge or on Instagram with @Glendaleplsas. Thank you to the 5th grade team and all the wonderful parent chaperones for making the trip a success!

The past two weeks have been filled with sadness after the death of former Glendale student, Nicholas Allan and two students from Lakeville South High School. These unfortunate deaths are a reminder of how quickly life can change. We also know the importance of supporting each other. Friends, families, teachers and former teachers continue to reach out. High school students in Lakeville and other communities showed support as well. A photo from Dr. Staloch's tweet is below from the basketball game last Tuesday.

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Empowering Students to Create and Collaborate

The second day of the Scott McLeod Innovation Sessions focused on ways students create vs. consume information. The options for students to create using digital connections for real world tasks (book reviews, online interest groups, blogging, science research) are unending. We talked a great deal about the different ways creativity, student passions and interests are activated in our classrooms. Schools are pursuing these opportunities for their students in a variety of ways including through Makerspaces, Genius Hour, 20% Time or Digital Learning projects.

Our Glendale Leadership Team will be developing a plan for teams in all grades and departments to participate in Innovation and Creation learning projects. Leadership reps will be working with each team/department to brainstorm what projects teachers would like to try. These projects can be supported by Ben and others. Check out the following resources for more information:

Digital Learning - Real World Project Examples

Genius Hour

20% Time


Creative Digital Literacy

Targeted Services -- Excel Program Starts January 4th

The Excel Program will be taking place this year for students in grades 3-4. Amanda Mitchell and Megan Kettler will be the instructors. The program will run from January 4th through March 31st on Monday and Thursday mornings in Megan’s and Amanda’s room. We are limiting registration to maintain successful group sizes for instruction. If you have questions, please let me know.

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Snack Cart Registration Soars--Feedback Welcomed--Send to PTC Reps or Renee Walter

Glendale Chorus Concert

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 7pm

6601 Connelly Parkway

Savage, MN

The 4th and 5th grade chorus students will perform for families in the multi-purpose room. Student concerts will be performed on December 16th with 3-5th from 9:30-9:45. The K-2 classes will be attending from 9:55-10:05 in the multi-purpose room.
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Bakken Field Trip a Success for 4th Grade Students

First CARES Breakfast Tuesday, 8:15-8:45

We will honor the CARES students from October and November with a breakfast for students and their families. Teachers from Leadership and PBIS will help prepare for the event. Teachers are all welcome to stop by and greet the students and their families. Students will remain in the gym until 9:10 for dismissal. We have over 70 students that were invited to attend! Thank you for noticing the CARES skills students are demonstrating at school each week.
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#PLSAS Twitter Chat Tuesday

La ola del lago coordiantor Richie Kucinski will be facilitating the PLSAS Twitter chat on Tuesday beginning at 8:00 p.m. Check in to discuss "Educator Passion" and all are welcome.