My amazing Ramadan

My tradition

How I spend Ramadan

When it's Ramadan my family fastest fasting is when you don't eat until sundown. When it's Ramadan we have big feast we eat things like samosa. Samosa is a kind of food that has a shell and then the inside has meat. Also we get henna henna is something we put on hand hand it's really beautiful we also get henna on eid another holiday where you go pray in the morning and spend time with your family and go to a lot of fun places. I really love Ramadan because I get to spend so much time with my family. Ramadan is up to 30 days or 31.

Ramadan with family

Family Ramadan

My Ramadan with family is always different each year. Some years family members come to visit sometimes not. While I'm at home we have to cook I help my mom and aunt cook we cook several kind of food it's really fun. I always like Ramadan with lots of family it's always so fun. Cause they tell funny sad and happy stories I hope this Ramadan is with a lot of family