Henry Ford

by: Sal and AJ

Personal Background

Henry Ford was born July 30,1863 on a farm in Michigan. When Henry was 13, his dad gave him a pocket watch and he took it apart and reassembled it. Family ,and friends were very impressed with his skills and he later wanted to become a watch fixer at age 15. ON the other hand his dad wanted him to take over his farm and own a private business but he told his dad he was uninterested and at the age of 16, went to be a machinist in Detroit.
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One of Henry Ford's ideas is the assembly line and this really started getting going in 1913. Before this, the automobile took about 12 hours to build but after the assembly it only took 2 hours and 30 minutes.Ford wanted to sell automobiles for cheap and he knew that he needed to be able to make them easier. The assembly line basically had people lines up in a line and they would only do one thing then pass it down the line then they would do something then keep passing it down and so on. This made it so much easier than everyone making 1 car because if you were only good at one part of the car, that was all you had to do. TEAMWORK!
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What impact did this person have on American society?

Henry Ford proposed the Living Wage idea. This helped people because the job they worked at had to give them enough money to live an average live. And it made it easier because companies cant just pay you however much they want.Another way he impacted society is that he supported antisemitism. He did not like Jews. People in our world may have thought that was right and believed it. But Henry Ford still had a huge impact because automobiles were a huge invention and Fords were all over the United States the assembly line is still used today and i think that is interesting.
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How might this person respond to one of the issues facing the United States today?

Henry Ford was a pacifist, so he would have a huge problem with things in the US today. He would probably hate killers and groups like Isis, At the same time he still hated Jews so he would probably try to start an anti-Jewish organisation,

Fun Fact: Hitler gave him a medal on his birthday.

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