Christmas in Guatemala

Catherine Sharpe & Kasey Rodriguez

Guatemalans Famous Tradition of All

They build a nativity scene every year. The Nacimiento is usually put under the Christmas tree. One characteristic is of Guatemalan Nativity scenes is always dyed in bright colorful so it would stand out.
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Biggest Tradition

On Christmas Eve families celebrate together and eat the mail Christmas meal. It is made of many tradition dishes, but it always includes some Guatemalan tamales. In some regions they are made of corn and other of rice or potatoes. They can be sweet or not, and have several different ingredients inside like olives, prunes, peppers, chicken, or pork.
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Midnight Tradition

Everyone waits until midnight to light hundreds of fireworks or firecrackers to celebrate the birth of Jesus. A family prayer is said around the tree and it is the custom to open the presents shortly after midnight.
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