Is a Device Switch in our Future?

By: Caroline Zurek

Have you ever thought that the tablets did not like you for one time? Many computers wouldn’t have so many troubles.You are about to be entered into a computer world and you wouldn’t want to skip anything.

Reason 1: There is going to be much easier learning. We will have many more options.

Reason 2: We’ll have the best time on the computers. You will never want to get off.

Reason 3: They’ll have the best gigabytes. We will have the best apps.

Mr.Hart said ”We would be willing to switch to another device. We are not attached to the Kuno tablet so we can switch our device at any time.”

The technology department said ”They will be more educational than tablets and will have more functions and options.”

Every computer needs to have a great memory because then you wouldn’t be able to use them. My Dad said ”I think you guys need to have computers because they will have a lot of gigabytes and they could have some important information.”

My mom said ”I think we would need laptops because they would be easier to see and find them.”

My sister said ”I am super good with laptops so I think you guys need laptops for quick and easier learning.”