A Taste of Latin America

By: Anna Greenhut

The Spectacular Sights in Mexico

1. The Yucatan Peninsula is located in the Southeastern part of Mexico near the Gulf of Mexico. This area is very colorful with crystal blue water and green forests, it is located near Cozumel, Mexico.

2. The Central Plateau is a highly air polluted area do to mountains surrounding this plateau, so the air pollution tries to escape but is blocked so it settles back down into the plateau. This isn't the most lovely place to visit but it does show how pollution can effect what would be a very lovely place to visit.

3. A very interesting place to go to is the Rio Grande River, it runs 1,300 miles long, so you don't have to worry about traveling to a particular spot! It borders the U.S so it wouldn't be a long way, it's great sight to see and pretty cheap for a out of country vacation! Also, you might want to grab that camera and take some shots because this is a very picturesque area. If you don't go, I sure will!

Back in the Day in Brazil

The first to colonize in Brazil was Pedro Alvares Cabral who colonized Brazil way back in the day on April 22, 1500. Pedro was exploring for Portugal's empire, who were the first European settlers in Brazil, thus Brazil speaks Portuguese. About 3 centuries later... Brazil's independence movement started, which lasted 1821-1824. Most of the battles were between Brazil and Portugal. Brazil gained independence by Prince Dom Pedro on September 7th, 1822. Now on every September 7th, they crack out the poppers and streamers for celebrations.

Cuba's Communism

Cuba has a communist government, this means that one political party or person has complete power, this means no 'power to the people!' Currently, Cuba's leader is Raul Castro. Sound familiar? He is Fidel Castro's brother. Raul started ruling on February 22nd, 2008, and his term will end in 2018. But Raul is abusing human rights, this can cause outbreaks or rebellions. Looks like Cuba needs to find out what they are doing wrong and fix it, or else Cuba may end up in the bottom of the heap.

The Ins and Outs of Venezuela

Venezuela's main trading partners are the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Notice anything about those countries? Brazil's three main trading partners are all part of NAFTA. The main exports of Venezuela are petroleum, alcohols, and iron, so you can thank Venezuela when you start your car in the morning. The top destinations of Venezuela's exports are United States, China, and Brazil. Venezuela's main imports are technology, chemical products, and agricultural products, does it concern you that chemical products are right next to agricultural products? Or is it just me? Anyway, The GDP in Venezuela is 509.97 billion U.S dollars and the literacy rate in Venezuela is 95.5% which is like Venezuela getting a 95% in Language arts.

Messy Mexico

Mexico has many environmental concerns, the largest one is deforestation. Lots of land was cleared due to cattle grazing, colonization, and farming. Those must be some happy cows because they must get most of the country to graze. But that's not all! Chemical pollution is also a really large problem in Mexico. This is mainly caused by factory discharge/waste. This can change! No one wants deforestation so just plant more trees, sure they might take a while to grow, but in the long run you will be helping Mexico. As for the chemical waste, the government could put up laws to ban factories from discharging their waste, or you could persuade your company to have their own tactics to discharge waste.

This is factory waste

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Hope you enjoyed this "magazine!"