technology rules for parents

by emma ward

rule #1

DO NOT share any of your passwords!! You should not share any passwords with your friends or family, not even people you don't know, If something happens between that friendship or relationship and you have told them your password there is a good chance your password will be shared!
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rule #2

Be careful about what you post on social media! If you are posting personal information on websites, because people can figure out things that you did not want them to
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rule #3

Many people should know by now NOT to use a hand-held device while driving, for one its illegal and it is very dangerous
Texting While Driving - AT&T Teen Driving Survey

rule #4

Be careful, do not act like you care when someone is cyber-bullying you! If you are acting like you care you feeding the trolls,they want you to get upset! Don't just tell someone you trust
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rule #5

Do not click random links or any pop up ads! You do not want to do this because they could give your computer viruses
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rule #6

Have a password on all devices, and personal web pages ! This will prevent people from getting into your accounts
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rule #7

Learn to use technology properly, if you are using websites abusively, your actions can haunt you later in life !

rule #8

If you have kids, set limits of how long they are spending on their phones or on the computer each day, make sure YOUR kids are not doing any of the previous rules there self
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rule #9

Be careful of what you do On line ! you do not want to be the one getting involved with the police over something you did on the internet
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rule #10

Make sure you are aware about the safety restrictions while using any technology! Just follow my rules and I am sure you will end up using computers, phones, laptops ex. wisely!
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