SSR Project

Voices from IRAQ

Voice From IRAQ By: A.Zullo

Genre is a War/Action. Topic is about multiple stories of soldiers from IRAQ. In one story a guy was shot and still saved soldiers. Another story had guy help out some other guys who were pin down. I would rate the book a 5. I think the book was great. A lot of good heroic stories. My favorite part was reading about the combat. My least favorite was the end.

Saving Zasha By: Randi Borrow

The genre is more of a adventure/action. People are adventuring everywhere. There is action in the book. The topic is about a kid who finds this dog. The boy and dog build a relationship. Then some bad stuff happens. I would rate the book a 3. It's not the greatest. My favorite part is where the dog is found. My least favorite is the part where the one guy died.

Finding Zasha By: Randi Barrow

The genre is a adventure/action. The topic of the story is about a boy who is forced to leave his home, because of WW2. The boy and his aunt go to a town in deep Russia. He meets another aunt and decides to stay. The Nazi take over there town. The boy is forced to work for the major at the FOB. Where he finds two puppies: Thor and Zasha. The boy develops a relationship with the puppies, but the major doesn't like it. I would rate this book a 4.9. The book is good, but some stuff could be better. My favorite part is where he meets the puppies. My least favorite part is the ending.

Ghosts Of War By: Ryan Smithson

The genre is war/action. The topic is about Ryan's time in Kuwait and Iraq. The summary is Ryan witnessed 9/11 on tv in school. He joined the army. He then got deployed to Kuwait. He was then transferred to Iraq. He went there and was on tour for 9 months. He went to some amazing places. He then came home. He met with his family and friends. Then he went back to Iraq. Some sad things happened. He will never be changed from those things. He came back home and had some issues. I would rate this book a 4, I liked it, but it wasn't the best. My favorite part is when he was over there. My least favorite was when he left his first time.

7th grade reflections

I have learned active reader is about. I thought active reader was something confusing when I first read it. I thought active reader was a reader who runs while reading. Active reader is good way to help.

Literary Elements are a good help to use. They help if you need to know about a book. I really didn't know a lot about literary elements until this year. I think people need to learn about these.

I had fun this year in Reading, but not just reading the entire school year. The books I read were good. I always choose good books. My favorite was Voices from Iraq, because I like the action in the book.

Last year, I didn't like reading the books weren't the best. The stories this year were great. I think books are a great tool of knowledge. They help you learn about subjects.

Write To Learn

Reading is important: Ben C

I think people need to stop making some boring books and make some with piazza. The books I like to read are some great ones. We need books like the ones I read. Kids need to take an interest in books. They need stop playing games and start reading. They are so much to learn in books. Like cooking, cleaning, methods, hunting, fishing, trapping, shooting, farming, building, racing, technology, and etc. can all be found in books.

Why do people always shy away from books? (,Good question) People think books are for nerds or they are too lazy. I think books are for people who want to learn. (,that's me) I work hard and study hard and I don't quit until the job is done. We need more people to read. Less electricity would be used instead of video games and videos being watched. More minds will explore a paperback or a hardback, the price doesn't matter a book is a book containing knowledge of a subject. If you open up that book, the knowledge will pour out.

The books are about hunting maybe some Batman. I like to read good books. Books that aren't boring. I hate boring books. I like books that are not boring. Books need some good details. A book with some remarkable writing. A author and illustrator put work into the book, a remarkable book is a good book. All books are great, some books are better than others. I like ones with excitement, not boring books.

When I start a book, I finish it. I will read through rain, sleet, snow, fog, mist, tornado, tsunami, hurricane, tropical depression, typhoon, cyclone, volcanic eruption, earthquake, and etc. I will not quit a book. I start a good one and finish a good one. Some people can't even finish a book. I finish books faster than I start them. Books are a great source of knowledge.

I hate it when people stop reading a book. I think they need to keep at it until the book is done. Books aren't living, but the story is. When you read a book you are letting the book live. Come on people read a book, let the story live.

Mr. President, I think that people need to more read books about interesting subjects. People have time to read in a day, even if it's five minutes or an hour. Reading is Reading, it's important to some people and not to other.