Texas Revolution

Texas and Mexico war for kids


When Texas and Mexico were helping each other . Mexico gave Texas a canon but Mexico was asking for it back . Texas did not want to give the canon back . Texas was not its own state in Mexico. The Texans wanted Independence from Mexico .

did you know: Santa Anna was a dick tater. Meanings: dick tater: a person that bosses other people around.

Battle of the Alamo

Texas people didn't want to give the Mission of the Alamo to Santa Anna.Delaying the Mexican allowed General Houston to further organize and train his troops .It lased for 13 days! Meanings:Texas People:a really easy way to say Texans
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Texas declaration of independence

The Texans really wanted Independence so they made a Decloration of Inependence.

Runaway scrape

Santa Anna had a policy that if you stayed in Texas during the war you would be killed. So people got scared and ran away.

Battle of San Jacinco



dictator : A person who bosses other people around . Texans