How to Become President

Age Requirement

The minimum age you can be is 35 years young. Other than that if you are older then 35 you can run for president. But you should wait a little longer. So you can build up even more knowledge about all this stuff.


You have to be a U.S. Resident for 14 years. You also have to live in the United States, you can't live in a didn't country but still run for president.

Citizenship status

You have to be born in the United States or have a mother or father that is a United States citizen. One other way you could become a United States Citizen is if you are born at an embassy, because that is United States land so if you or born on that then you are a Citizen of the United States of America.

Primaries and Caucuses

If you want to do good your going to want to have ideas to help the states that you are in. But if you still don't win that state you will people still have people vote for you so you have a better chance to win.