1st Grade at Bear Creek Elementary

Week 33: May 24- 28, 2021

Happy Monday Bear Creek Families!

  • As the end of the school year draws near. We ask that your student bring a reusable bag Friday, 5/28/2021 to start collecting their supplies to take home.
  • All library/AISD books should be returned to Bear Creek by the 28th of May.
  • Both Mrs. Preston & Ms. Barbosa will not be conducting BLAST or small groups for the last two weeks of school.

Learning goals for the week:


- I can skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s.
- I can explain my strategy for solving.


- I can read, write and spell with words with inflections that have spelling changes; long e (ie, y, ey)
- I can read and write high frequency words: eight, enough, goes, move, thank, their, things, through

Big Ideas:

- I can describe how technology effects transportation and recreation.
- I know how to stay safe when I'm online.

Our ABC Countdown continues! :)

Our first graders will need some specific materials for this weeks activities. If families can donate elastic band for mask making, popsicle sticks, googly eyes and any color of bandanas.

Thickness doesn't matter when looking for the elastic band or popsicle sticks.

Monday, Letter S: Superhero Day! Have your kiddo wear their favorite superhero shirt.

Tuesday, Letter T: Tie Dye Day! Dress is tie dye for a fun and colorful day.

Wednesday, Letter U: Uniform Day! Rock any sports teams uniform your student has.

Thursday, Letter V: Viola' Day!

Friday, Letter W: Western Day! Howdy partner! Dress in western wear.

Monday 5/31: No School Memorial Day

Tuesday June 1st: eXchange Autographs!

Wednesday June 2nd: Year End Party!

Thursday June 3rd: Zoo Day! Wear an animal on your t-shirt.

Participation is optional and by no means required. :)

Please reach out to us with any questions. We're always happy to help! :)

Cub Hugs,

- The First Grade Team