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Summer 2015 Newsletter

Thank you to all the staff and students!

I would like to thank the staff and students for a wonderful year at Highlands High School. It has been a pleasure working with you through helping and teaching our students. I am excited about the new changes coming to the 2015-2016 school year!


Jason Gay

Summer Planning ... Next year I want students to be able to....

So are you thinking about planning to use new tech, research, citation, or incorporate some of the new cool digital tools that we have at the Highlands High School LMC?

I can certainly help. This past year I worked with classes to highlight our state-of-the-art digital resources! As you plan for units of instruction and would like help with teaching real world researching skills that answer the big "How" and Why" questions.

I am excited to help you and your students in all future research projects (from reports, presentations, student performance pieces, etc.) I have included a quick form that serves as a planning guide for working together. Please feel free to contact me in person, by email or phone.


p. 859-815-2613

HHS Collaborative Studio coming in August 2015!!

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The HHS Collaborative Studio was designed to facilitate active learning approaches that include team-based learning, problem-based learning, and other collaborative pedagogies. The Studio has a de-centered feel, allowing the instructor to provide short bits of instruction from anywhere in the room, interspersed with student-based learning activities that call on students to apply course concepts to solve challenging problems and engage in other hands-on collaborative projects. Our new space will be equipped with Apple TVs, Flat Panel TVs, Green Screen Space, Adaptable furniture, Writable surfaces, and comfy seating. More information soon!!

Common Sense Media Offers a Practical Approach to Lesson Design with Technology

Find Lesson Flows created by teachers like you! These innovative, tech-rich lesson plans combine great digital tools and inspiring teaching practices. Watch our video to learn more, or click "Create Your Own Lesson Flow" below to get started.
What are App Flows?

Lesson Flows recognizes the value of using tools that achieve transformational goals suggested by Ruben Puentedora’s SAMR model and redefine activities that are part of instructional design. Lesson Flows are excellent tools for teacher librarians to use as they design technology-rich collaborative projects with classroom teachers.



Learn how to use iBooks Author to create digital textbooks for your students



Gale Virtual Reference Library - New Resources!

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We have many Unlimited E-Books Non Fiction titles available for checkout that can by accessed by all students at the same time on multiple devices through one simple passcode. Most recently, we purchased a large bundle of Science books that are being added.

Feel free to browse and use - ClICK HERE TO ACCESS - passcode: highlands


Teacher Grant Opportunity

Realize Your Dream and Make a Difference

Are you a teacher with a big dream that has the potential to impact the lives of the children and families in your school and community? Is funding the only thing standing between you and the realization of that dream? Farmers Insurance Thank America’s Teachers invites K–12 teachers to step up to the $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge and submit their proposal for one of six grants of up to $100,000.

Deadline: June 30, 2015

Click Here for More Information


Google Forms and Sheets - Easy Tutorials for you to learn

One of the most useful tools that I have found in the last several months has been Google Forms. The ease of access, sharing and data collection has saved me hours of work that I would normally do through email and paper copies.

Below is link to Google Forms in Eight minutes and some very simple tutorials to show how you can use this today in your classes.


Google Form 2015


Can Reading Make You Happier?

“Fiction is a kind of simulation, one that runs not on computers but on minds: a simulation of selves in their interactions with others in the social world…based in experience, and involving being able to think of possible futures.”


Great Movies are inspired by Great Books!

Check out some of the books behind the movies this summer as you head to the movie theaters!
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Summer Reading - Books Every Teacher should Read - Goodreads

Have a Cool Summer!!

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