The Quick Update

October 14, 2016

Aldo Leopold Nature Center Field Trip

Monday is our field trip to the ALNC. Most of the field trip will be outdoors, so please have your child dress for the weather. We will be leaving Purdy at 9:15am and return by 2:30pm.

This Week...


Writer's Workshop

This week, students completed their Informational Biography Posters. Please look at their online writing portfolio to see their finished piece. Check out their Blabberize pictures that they made on their biography subject!

Click here to find your student's writing portfolio.

Reader's Workshop

Next week we will be diving into argumentative text which will focus on trying to persuade your audience that a certain career/job is the most responsible. To kick off this project we had Officer Enger come and speak to the fourth graders about the responsibility a police officer holds. Thank you again Officer Enger!

Everyday Math

This week we began Unit 3 and our focus on basic multiplication facts. Students have been applying their knowledge of factor pairs, multiples, and products to solve problems. To help your child be successful during this unit you can practice fact dash, baseball multiplication, or beat the calculator on Your student has their login taped to the inside cover of their assignment notebook.

**Ask you child...What are the first 5 multiples of 5? (5,10,15,20,25)

Science & Social Studies


The students are investigating different rocks and trying to identify which minerals make up their rocks. Today we completed a calcite quest to see if the mineral calcite was present in their rock samples.

**Ask your student...How do you know if calcite is present in a rock? (When we put it in vinegar we can see bubbles fizzing to the top.)

Social Studies

Our class acted out turning bills into laws for our classroom. Each group represented a state and those "states" came up with bills that we could possibly turn into new classroom "laws". Here is a list of some of our bills that were turned into laws:

  • Have a show and tell time
  • When we earn 50 coins as a class we get a reward (ex: extra recess)
  • Watch a movie during classroom parties

**Ask your student what role the played in the activity (senator, citizen, or supreme court justice)?

Be Connected to our Classroom!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Next week you will be receiving a white conference slip with a date and time on it. Please make sure the time assigned works for your schedule, if not, please return the slip with alternate times you could meet. I am really looking forward to discussing your child's progress with you!


In our classroom we have snack for those who forget that day. If you are interested in donating to our classroom snack bin please send your child to school with a bag of animal crackers, goldfish, pretzels, etc. Thank you for considering!

Important Dates to Remember

October 17th - ALNC Field Trip

October 18th - PTO Rollerblading Night

October 19th - PTO Meeting 6:30PM

October 27th - Monster Mash Dance

October 28th - No School

October 31st - No School