Become the new leader

President of the United States

Do I qualify?

well to start, you have to be of 35 years of age and along with being a US citizen. become a resident of 14 years and natural born citizen

Benefits of being President

first of all you earn an annual salary of $400k, thats like 1.6 million in the entirety of the term. you also get a full time service guards, personal trainer, personal escort, and not to mention you get to live in the white house.

Your constitutional powers.

as president, it is given that you become Commander in chief, form treaties, nominate and appoint ambassadors and officers of supreme court, execute laws, flow through with congress, receive opinion of officer in each branch. these are just a few of the constitutional powers given as president.

5 leadership qualities as president.

what it takes to be president is that you need to be adaptable and willing to lead and take on an entire nation. you must be ready to become commander in chief of all armed forces, this means you must be ready to face against other nations in times of treaties and war. TO be a leader is to be in touch with the nation, keep the people informed on the current happenings in the nation and decide what is best for us as a of the last qualities will be that you need to look at bills and need to decide weather it to be passed and create executive orders.

Your role as president.

Your role here is to help our nation and strive to be a leader of a world super power, you must be ready to represent the civilians by being an elected official. you must keep relations with other nations, maintain a strong economic value and relatons with other nations.

How you could help with nuclear weapons from North Korea.

A current problem we have been facing for awhile now is that North Korea is trying to gain nuclear weapons and as a super power, that poses a threat. one way you can prevent nuclear winter is by confronting the leader and try to form a relation or agreement. although NK will be inclined to reject anything you pose to them, they will always try to gain nuclear weapons. If it comes a time where we eventualy do go to war, it is your job to lead the armed forces and ensure that you win the war without putting your nation at risk.