by Porter the Pirate


Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. He is the current president of the United States. He is a Democrat. He is first African American President. His first job was an icescream scooper at Baskin Robbins. His hobbies are watching and playing basketball. His favorite foods are chili , french fries, and porkchops. His parents called him "Barry" until he was in college. He is also the 44th president. Obama is married to Michelle Obama and they have two children. Their children are named Sasha and Malia. If he wins the presidency, he is going to try to bring home the troops from overseas. He is also trying to tax the rich more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Democratic symbol is a donkey. It is a donkey because it represents stubbornness and strength. Joseph Biden is the the vice president for Obama. He helps Obama be the president. Obama was a lawyer for 10 years.