Tide Pools

By Isaiah, Evan and Quinton


A Tide Pool is a rocky pool located on the sea shore. Tide Pools are usually filled with sea water. They can be found on most beaches. Tide Pools serve as habitants for especially adaptable species. Tide Pools also range in sizes.

Organisms in Tide Pool

There are a variety of different organisms that inhabit Tide Pools. The inhabitants vary on the location of the Beach. Common organism range from Hermit Crabs, Barnacles, Rockweed, Black Turban Snail and Sea Anemone's. This is just a few of the different organisms that can live in Tide Pool.

Biotic and Abiotic Factors of your Ecosystem

Biotic: Fish. birds, crustaceans, plankton, algae/seaweed, other plants, other animals.

Abiotic: temperature, dissolved oxygen, PH, location, and salinity

Anthropogenic Impact (Positive and Negative)

Positive: Many states and countries have regulations on taking life from tidepools and disturbing the ecosystem

Negative: humans hurt the environment raiding the homes of intertidal life.

Catching Baby Octopus in California Tide Pools


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