The Hero and Victoria Newsletter

Special Issue: Safe Driving

Curves in the Road

How to Reduce Risk

Use your headlights to make you car more visible when driving through a curve. Drivers should slow their speed before entering the curve and accelerate through the apex of the curve. Also, look ahead to identify curves before you enter them.


You need to slow down as you approach a curve, because visibility is limited, and you also need to accelerate once you reach the apex of the curve so that your vision can be returned and accidents can be avoided. Because speeds are changing, curves can be more dangerous than regular highway, and your car may not be visible.

Lane Position

If you are entering into a right hand curve, lane position 2 provides the best visibility. Entering into a left hand curve lane position 3 provides the best visibility. For all lane position 3 provides the most space cushion.

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Turn Signal: The turn signal is used to signal to other drivers when you want to turn.

Lane Position: You can change your lane position when you want to make a turn.

Eye contact: You can make eye contact with other drivers and let them know when you want to make a turn, or decide who goes first at a two way of four way stop.


Where is it illegal to pass?

  • Hills

  • Railroad crossings

  • Solid yellow lines

  • Curves

  • Intersections

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Dear Hero and Victoria,

For the safe driving issue of your newsletter, I’d like to share a personal story of the perils of passing in areas that aren’t permitted. Four years ago, I was driving with my best friend of 28 years in the car and I attempted to pass another car on a railroad track. Instead, we were hit by the train. I was paralyzed from the waist down and my friend broke both ribs. We tried to get where we were going more quickly, but instead our lives were irreparably changed. The grief of our injuries meant that our friendship did not withstand the test of time. I miss my best friend, but I am thankful she is still living. Please, warn your readers not to pass other cars in illegal areas.


Sincerely Amanda Dunn

Hello, SAD.

We are so sorry to hear about your accident. We will definitely print your letter in this issue. It can be illuminating for readers to see the real-life impact of their driving decisions.

Much love,

Hero and Victoria