to dangeres for kids!!

Patricia bravo-reyes

i think extreme sports are too dangers for kind . because some kids can get ingerd and don't know if it is safe, they might start to sneak around without telling their parents, and their grades might start to go down.
Because some kids can get inguerd very badly and get killed.Because of extreme sports that they are doing.
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When kids tell their parents and when they say no they will do it any way by sneaking around and not. Tell their parents about it and their parents might get really .Worry about their kids and some kids from schools can do the same.

Because some people don't even know if it is safe or not because they some times get injured easy . They watch TV and shows that make the sports look really easy. They are not trained properly, and could get really hurt.

Some kids from schools can do the same like tenagers and not wear safety things. And the kids will look at them and do the same things.Just like them and do the same
In conclusion, some sports can be good for kids and some arent good for kids team work is good no team work is bad.