Lineville Technology

Hailey Brunette

Typing Web

1. I enjoyed typing web because it helped me type better than ever.

2. Also I liked it because it shows you how fast you type and I never knew how fast I could type before.

3. Typing web was fun, also because it also had typing games.


1. I liked when we used iTrailer because I got to talk about my favorite things to do.

2. iTrailer made it feel like I was really making a movie trailer.

3. In iTrailer I liked how there were different styles that I could choose from.

Career Locker

1. When I used career locker I liked how it found jobs that would match with me.

2. I also liked how it showed me many jobs that I might be interested in but don't match me as well.

3. Career Locker was helpful I realized how many jobs I might be interested in.

Haiku Deck

1. In Haiku Deck I liked how I got to talk about what I wanted to do after I go to college.

2. I also liked how we could add pictures it made each page look better.

3. Haiku Deck was not very good for typing on though when you typed too much it would be very small or not even show up on the page.

Explain Everything

  1. What I liked about Explain Everything was that you could add your voice into it to make it more understandable.
  2. I also liked how I could type and write.
  3. Explain Everything was easy to figure out how the controls worked and it did not take much time to make.

Hour of Code

  1. Hour of code thought me how to write a code to make something on the screen move.
  2. Also hour of code had lots of things to try on different levels.
  3. I liked how it had different topics like frozen or flapy bird

Email Etiquette

  1. In email etiquette I learned to keep my email short and to the point.
  2. Email etiquette thought me to check my spelling and punctuation.
  3. Also I liked that we got to type an real email for practice.