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September 25, 2020 - Week 6

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Dear RedHawk Families,

School (and life) can be hard! And sometimes our students need some additional support. While we have counselors and social workers here at school, they are not “therapeutic”- meaning, they don’t do therapy. They generally help kids solve short term problems here at school.

When problems get to be too big, or last too long, kids may need an outside counselor or therapist. (They are the same job with different names, and I will use them interchangeably.) Our goal is to remove the stigma of having a counselor. As a society, we need to re-frame having a therapist as something positive rather than something negative. Seeing a counselor is not only helpful, but often creates a sense of freedom for the student, parent, or family who is struggling. Seeing a therapist takes work, dedication, and a commitment to change. But in the end, the visits can truly help the patient realize their full potential and heal.

If your child needs support, I would strongly suggest going to see a therapist. You will hear from me more than once this year on the importance of gaining outside help when struggles occur. Here is a YouTube video that I created to help you find a therapist in our area. The website I reference (psychology today.com - find a therapist) has changed slightly, but you will certainly be able to navigate it using the tips on the video.

The meme included really captures our thinking. Going to a counselor or therapist is simply another way to get healthy!

Happy Friday!


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If you are going to look at one thing today...

make it the D303 Instructional Tech for Families website!

We know that all of us have been thrown into a whole new world of technology. You may not know Zoom or Meets, you may struggle with Google Classroom or Home Access Center. Our district has created a wonderful resource for you to use if you are struggling or just want to learn more about the technology we use in D303. Check out the D303 Instructional Tech for Families website.

On this website, you can:

  • Learn how Google Classroom for parents works.
  • How to check assignments for completion in Home Access Center
  • See videos that show you how many of our digital tools work
  • And a TON more!

It is worth browsing briefly and then returning to as you or your student have questions. Bookmark this website for future use!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thank you for your patience while the Pick-A-Time scheduler was having issues. We believe that system is working properly again. It will remain open for scheduling through October 7th until Midnight. Click here for directions.

You should not feel obligated to sign-up for conferences. If your child is doing well at school, both academically and socially, then you do not have to schedule a conference. If your child is struggling, we would suggest that you do schedule conferences as appropriate.


Sign‐up for Parent-Teacher Conferences opens up on SEPTEMBER 21st at 7:00 am and will close OCTOBER 7th at midnight. All conferences will be held via Zoom this year.

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Way more often than your gym clothes!

The CDC recommends that we all wash our masks "regularly". That is a loaded word, especially for middle schoolers. We have seen, however, some really dirty masks. Please consider washing masks every 2-3 days. You can throw them in the sink with a little laundry soap or in with the clothes.

CLICK HERE for the CDC mask recommendation

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Attention Parents and Guardians of All 8th Grade, 7th Grade AVID, and Infinity Students:

District 303 offers all students enrolled in 8th grade, 7th grade AVID, and Infinity to take the PSAT 8/9 in the fall. This PSAT is a part of the SAT series of assessments that help guide students through academic measures of college and career readiness ending with the SAT taken in their junior year. The SAT can be used with most colleges as a part of the admission process.

Your son/daughter will be participating in the PSAT test on either Wednesday, October 21st (A day) or Thursday, October 22nd (B day). Like any other day, attendance is important. If students arrive late to school, they will be held in the main office until the window for one of the tests has closed.

If you are a remote student, you will be getting a separate email regarding testing and the location from the Department of Assessment and Accountability.

Below are some helpful tips to help your child as they prepare for testing day:

  • Get a good night sleep

  • Eat a healthy breakfast

  • Be sure to charge the chromebook overnight

If you have specific questions about the assessment please contact David Chiszar (david.chiszar@d303.org) You can also find additional assessment information at https://district.d303.org/departments/assessment.

Thank you-

Patrick McGuire, Assistant Principal
WMS 6th Grade Newsletter - Hybrid Learners

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WMS 8th Grade Newsletter - Hybrid Learners

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The yearbook club is announcing the 4th annual yearbook cover contest. The yearbook cover can be submitted in any form such as graphic design, paint, drawing, photography.
Please submit your artwork as follows:

  1. Digital artwork to timothy.massie@d303.org.
  2. Live artwork (print, paint, etc.) can be turned into Mrs. Morrison in the main office.
The deadline is October 1st!!! Late work cannot be accepted. Contact Mr. Massie for details.


Current theme: "Sports and Activities during a pandemic"

  • Pictures can be shared through the Google drive or email at Timothy.Massie@d303.org OR
  • CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW (computer or smartphone) and use access code - redhawks)

STUDENT ID Expectations for Middle and High Schools:

D303 has now set clear expectations that all middle school and high school students wear their IDs at all times. If a student does not have an ID, they will need to purchase a new one for $5 in the LRC. The $5 will be charged to your child's PushCoin account. This can add up very quickly if a student does not have their ID several times. Please be sure to talk to your student about showing responsibility by wearing their ID/lanyards at all times, and so that they understand the financial implications of having to buy replacement ID/lanyards.

  • Students received 1 ID and can get 1 additional ID for free.
  • Students received 1 lanyard and can get 1 additional lanyard for free.

Reminders From the Health Office:

Our new FAX is up and running! To fax medical forms directly to the office: 331-228-3707

If you have one child who has any symptoms that could be related to COVID
(fever of 100.4 or higher, new onset of moderate to severe headache shortness of breath, new cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain from unknown cause, new congestion/runny nose, new loss of sense of taste or smell, nausea, fatigue from unknown cause, muscle or body aches) keep all of the rest of the siblings home, even if they are feeling well, until a clearance note is provided to return to school (see chart).

If you pick up one child from school with any symptoms related to COVID, you must pick up their siblings as well.
If you work in the district and you or your child goes home sick with these symptoms, all family members in D303 must go home until the individual with symptoms is cleared. Their clearance, when it is provided by a physician note that indicates an alternative diagnosis, clears all other family members to return. Your school nurses can help you in determining your options for the symptomatic child and the siblings to return to school.

The steps school nurses are taking to mitigate COVID 19 by following the IDPH exclusion guidance promotes a decision-making process that ensures the safer return of students who have depicted symptoms associated with this virus. Thank you for your cooperation in help[ing us mitigate the spread of COVID-19




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