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By: Principal Dufrene

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Hey Hampshire High,

The staff at HHS had a very productive day trying to reach out and connect with our students and families during our Blended Learning Friday. I was inspired how many teachers were on TEAMS interacting with their students, teachers on the phone with parents/guardians, and students coming in for additional support. We mailed home letters if a student had one or more Fs to make sure our parents/guardians are aware and understand the opportunities we offer all students for additional academic support. The main reason students are getting Fs is due to no or poor effort on assignments.

The end of the first nine weeks is Nov. 5th, which means students have eight days to turn things around and finish strong. Remember, the end of the 1st nine weeks is fifty percent of the course...let's get it done!

We are offering After-School Tutoring starting this week, Monday through Thursday 3:40-6:00. Please see link below for the schedule. Contact Ms. Lease or Ms. Swick for additional information. All students (in person and virtual) are invited to attend, activity bus is provided for some areas. Students must use the sign-up log in order to attend (see Schoology message for details).

Attendance is being taken and recorded on all students (in person and virtual). Attendance and participation in all classes is vital for academic success. A team of HHS staff will be calling home to all virtual learners who a teacher has had no contact with from the previous week. This is an effort to offer support to those students in any way possible. If a virtual student has not been in contact (submitted assignments, joined TEAMS meetings, emailed teacher, phone call, ect.) with 1 or 2 of their teachers, they will be counted 1/2 day absent every day of that week (2 1/2 days unexcused absent total). If the virtual student has had no contact with 3 or 4 of their teachers, they will be counted absent a whole day for that week (5 days unexcused absent total).

Hampshire High wants every student to know they are valued and that that hold tremendous worth. We want to teach our students to be responsible. We believe in growth and potential. So, take advantage of our Blended Learning Fridays. If you need extra help, guidance, have a tech question/issue, or just simply need a quiet place to work, Mrs. Bradfield is available on Fridays to assist and help. Please reach out and stop in the library in the computer lab. She can be reached at

Students and parents, please allow at least two weeks for the Proof of Enrollment forms to be processed and returned to HHS for pick-up. The process has changed and requires a longer wait-time. Proof of Enrollments are good for 90 days for this school year only. Please contact Ms. Fuller if you have any questions.

The links below provide parents and students tips on virtual learning:

Parents/guardians, please check out the Schoology messages from Mrs. Amy Haines from central office regarding "Grab & Go" lunches available on Fridays at 3:00 pm and "Backpack" Program filled with nutritious food distributed on Thursdays. Please contact the Office of Nutrition for more information.

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Hampshire Highlights...

- Congrats to our FFA students...Poultry Team placed 3rd in state with Daisy Darlyrumple placing 9th and Levi Richman 12th individually; Meat Team placed 8th in state and Agronomy Team placed 3rd in state with Daisy Darlyrumple placing 4th, Logan Moreland placing 7th, and Alex Spencer placing 12th individually. Other participants included; Caitlyn Myers, Kyle Watson, Mark Watson, Drake Keckley, and Madison Corbin...congrats to all!

- Congrats to the Girls & Boys Cross Country Teams for coming in 2nd place at the AAA Regional XC Championship Meet, both teams qualify for state! Girls: Alexandrea Kile, Maggie Odom, Deidra Haines, Ambrielle Odom, Alexa Van Meter, Peyton Asbury, & Katlyn Dice. Boys: Chris Lucas, William Saville, Andrew Dorsey, Austin Ramsay, Brady Stump, & Grant Landis. A BIG Congrats to Chris Lucas for his 1st place finish!!!

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This Week @HHS...

- Monday> "Dress 4 Success"; JV & Varsity Volleyball home vs Keyser HS 6:00 & 7:15 pm.

- Tuesday> Varsity Volleyball at Philip Barbour HS 5:00 pm; Sign-up for After-School Tutoring (see Ms. Lease or Ms. Swick).

- Wednesday> How many missing assignments do you have? What are you doing about it? Contact your teacher today and take action!

- Thursday> Trojan Pride Day (wear Green & White); JV & Varsity Volleyball home vs Jefferson HS 6:00 & 7:15 pm.

- Friday> Blended Learning Day for all students; Virtual learners make sure you connect with all of your teachers!; Varsity Football at Washington HS 7:00 pm.

- Saturday> Girls & Boys Cross Country Teams at the State XC Championship Meet...good luck Trojans!!!

* Girls basketball tryouts will be held November 9, 10 and 11 from 4-7 PM at HHS gymnasium. (Times are subject to change due to volleyball regionals) You must have a valid physical either uploaded on Family ID or a hard copy with you or you will not be permitted to try out. You must also be present at all three days of tryouts. All necessary forms are located on the Hampshire County website. Any questions or concerns, please email Coach Buckley at

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Tech Tips from Mr. Feazell:

One of the most basic things everyone needs to know how to do is search for information. How you work and research online often owes much to your search ability. Doing an effective search is about more than feeding a keyword or two into Google or Bing.

You also should know how to narrow your search with more specific keyword strings as well as connectors like “+,” “-,” “OR,” and “AND.” For example, let’s say that you want to learn more about how to create comic books.

Searching “comic books” in Google would result in around 6.94 million search results (at present). Clearly you need to be more specific. Think about your purpose — “How to create comic books.” That limits you to around 1.64 million results. This is still way more than you could ever read on your own.

What would be your next logical step? Do you want to learn how to write comic books, draw them, pencil, ink, color, letter? What are you going for?

Let’s say “writing for comics”+”how to” instead since searching “how to write for comic books” might be too specific. The new search limits us to 37,800 results. STILL probably more than you’ll have the time to read, but you’re guaranteed to get a focused, relevant result out of that search.


To search for a specific word or phrase: Put it in quotation marks.

To search for two things together: Use either a plus sign or the word “AND”.

To search for one thing and not another: Use either a minus.

Reference: “17 Tech Tips Every Student Should Know.” 4Tests.Com, 29 Apr. 2018,

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Healthy Expectations from Nurse Dante:

Updates from the Nurse:

School Based Health Services are being offered and are going well. Remember to see the Nurse if interested in an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. Permission Forms are available in the Nurse's office or in the CTE building at the School-Based clinic.

The Health Department will be visiting Hampshire High School and both middle schools to offer the flu vaccine to students in those schools. Other required vaccines may be available upon request. The scheduled date in November 5th. If interested, please do one of the following:

  • Have your child pick up a consent form from the School Nurse
  • Call your child's school and request a form be sent home with your child or faxed
  • Pick up a consent form from the Health Department

The completed form needs to be turned into the School Nurse by November 1st.

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Yearbook Information:

  1. It is time to order Yearbooks! You can currently order them at their lowest price of the year at $67.00. This deal actually ended on Oct. 2nd, but due to a fortunate mix-up for our kids, students are actually able to get their yearbooks at this price until November 6th! Take advantage of this opportunity! With this, there is also a deal being offered for students to get 4 free icons when you purchase personalization.
  2. Calling all parents, family, coaches, loved ones! Want to celebrate your special student? Want to make their Hampshire High School yearbook even more special? Recognize them, their milestones, or just give them a loving shoutout that will last forever by purchasing a yearbook ad! You may create and purchase your ad online by 01/31/2021 - but the sooner the better as space is limited! Sizes and prices for these ads are Full Page - $200.00, 1/2 Page - $115.00, 1/4 Page - $75.00, and 1/8 Page - $40.00. If you are interested, please visit In a school year full of changes and uncertainty, what better way to show those high schoolers you love (Especially those graduating Seniors), some positivity they can always look back on! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Sadie Alkire @ Let's make this a memorable year for our kids!
  3. Lastly, any businesses that would be interested in purchasing an ad in our yearbook would not only be recognizing their company for years to come - but also helping to make our county's high school yearbook possible... And extra special. Please consider advertising your business and supporting our kids. Your help and consideration are greatly appreciated! Business ad sizes and prices are Full Page - $225, 1/2 Page - $135, 1/4 Page - $100, 1/8 - Page $60. If interested, please do not hesitate to reach out! Make checks payable to: HHS, and send to Attention: Letishia Grapes / Yearbook.

  4. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Brandi Myers @ / (304)822-5016 - Ext. 1050. Our address is: Hampshire High School157 Trojan Way Romney, WV 26757

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Let's Work,

Mr. Dufrene