Homework-week 10

Australia's system of government.

In Australia we have three levels of government: federal, state and local.

The Federal Government is based in Canberra (Australia's capital city) and makes laws for all Australians. The Federal Government is also responsible for, defence, immigration, trade, taxation and broadband.

The next level of government is state or territory government. The State Government is responsible for, schools, railways, fire brigade, hospitals, police and other essential services within that state.

Each state or territory has a number of regions which are managed by the local government or council. The council looks after maintenance of the area they are responsible for. This includes: sporting grounds, footpaths, parks and playgrounds.

These three levels of government work well, as some things like defence of the nation, are best managed by the government that looks after the whole country. Whilst other issues are more easily taken care of by the state government because each state or territory has slightly different needs for example, the number of schools needed. Councils are important because the people who run them live in that local area so they know the people who live there and what they want.

About Australia

Australia is a wonderful, peaceful country with five states and two territories. It is a democractic country where everybody has the right to vote. It is a country of many cultures and because of this we have a great range of foods, celebrations and festivals. We also have a wide range of animals, birds and plants that only Australia has, for example, Koalas,Kangaroos, Platypus, Echidna, Lorikeets, Galahs, king Parrot, Australian Wattle and Bottle Brush.

Australia is a fantastic place to visit for many reasons, including that there are 19 sites on the World Heritage List (WHL) these include:


* Sydney Opera House (2007)


*Fraser Island (1992)

*Great Barrier Reef (1981)

*Greater Blue Mountains Area (2000)

* Ningaloo Reef (2011)

*Lord Howe Island (1982)


*Kakadu National Park (1981)

*Kata Tjuta National Park (Uluru, 1987)

These are wonderful sites in Australia that have been put on the World Heritage List (WHL). In these places, visitors can experience many different activities, including: bushwalking, tall tree climbing, rock climbing, snorkelling, scuba diving, dolphin and whale watching.

Tourists visiting Australia will have a great time enjoying these remarkable places and experiences.

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