what it is/ what it looks like

malware is common and happens to many people! but here is some information to help you find out what it is and to know what it looks like to avoid it. There is 3 different malware's. first one would be Viruses, if you don't already know what that is it's when it copies itself and spreads. Another one to look out for would be trojan horses! these aren't very good either. This is when it seems like something real and doesn't look like a bad website but this allows other be to get your information. Spyware is another malware that happens. spyware is when people secretly gets your information.

Ways to avoid malware

how to ignore these things and avoid them so they don't happen to you. would be to set up software or get firewalls that allows non of that to get to your computer. Another big reason would be to not click on things your not sure about that's a big one use common scene.