Room 212 News #18

January 17, 2016

No School Monday for Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Video

Here is a link to the video of your students reading about Martin Luther King. It was shown at the assembly on Friday. Everyone did a great job, and the assembly was wonderful.

MLK video

Martin Luther King Day

Are you looking for something engaging for your child on MLK day, when we do not have school? Check out this program offered at U of M:

The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn also has a free family day tomorrow, including activities to celebrate the day.

Tens and Doubles

In math last week, we began using doubles and ten combinations to solve problems. Some students continued to practice finding and recognizing the "friends of ten," while others were ready to solve problems with multiple addends (7 + 5 + 3). One group of students was able to write their own number stories and ask partners to solve them, using the strategy of adding the ten or double first, then adding the final number.

If your child does not know his/her combinations of ten - please practice using the "penny plate" game, or play "tens go fish," using cards to make pairs of ten. If you have any questions about these games, let me know.

Handwriting Books have Arrived

We are fortunate that PTO has provided us with handwriting books from Handwriting Without Tears. Mrs. Ehlke, our OT, will be visiting our classroom to work on these lessons, and I'll be following up during the week as well. Many students still do not use lower case letters on a consistent basis, and most students still struggle with a few pesky reversals. We will also be practicing letter placement, appropriate size, and spacing.

Introduction to Revising

This week in Writer's Workshop, students received a purple pen. This is a new tool, to be used specifically for revising our stories. In first grade, revising may be as simple as adding in a missing letter in a word, or a missing word from a sentence. Revision lessons will include adding dialogue and revising by taking away.

What Do You Do?

Ask your student about this fun book. It is in our Big Book center during Guided Reading, and we also read it as a class. During Shared Reading, we searched for words with beginning and ending blends or digraphs, words with different "long a" patterns, and the author's use of commas and quotation marks.

Changing into Winter Gear

Our class has almost mastered dressing for recess in 4 minutes! This is something we worked on throughout the week. Changing quickly will allow us to take more outdoor recesses in the winter. Encourage your child to show you how quickly s/he can be prepared to go outside.

Motion is all around us.

We have started our Motion Unit in Science. Over the next month we'll be discovering the answers to questions like:

  • What does it take to get something moving? (a push or a pull)
  • How can we change motion?
  • Why can it be difficult to move something across one surface, but not another? (friction)
  • Is friction ever helpful, or useful to us?

Upcoming Field Trips

On February 10, all Bryant first graders will visit the Wild Swan theater to see a performance of "Drum Me a Story - African Tales." We won't be taking chaperones on this trip due to limited seating. PTO is covering the cost of the tickets - thank you PTO!

On February 24, our class is visiting Kensington Metropark. This is the environmental education trip that all first grade classes in the district attend. We will need chaperones for this field trip. The trip is from 9:30-2:30 and we spend most of the day outside. This field trip is typically only canceled if temperature or wind chill is below zero.

I was reminded by a parent...if you wish to attend a field trip, please make sure you have completed a background check. I can send the sheet home with your student, but it needs to be handed in to the office in person (so you can show your ID).

Future Field Trips...chaperones welcome.

May 5 - Hands On Museum

May 20 - Henry Ford Museum

Bryant-Pattengill PTO website

Check it out! Lots of information, including important dates and Thursday Notes.

The COLD has Finally Caught up with Us!

Please put names/initials in or on all winter gear. Don't forget mittens/gloves, snowpants and boots. Students go outside unless the actual temperature or wind chill is zero or below. A doctor's note is required to stay indoors during recess.

Dates to Remember:

  • 1/18 No School for MLK day
  • 2/1 No School for students
  • 2/8 NAAPID - parent involvement day