Bullying is Bad


Cyber-bullying invovles the use of information and communication and technologies to make people mad or just to talk about them. people usually get bullied everyday, people went into suicide because of this. it starts making fights to make this stop you can tell he/she's parents and tell them what is happening or tell the teacher more than 49 people usually get bullied.

How to Stay Safe from bullying.


1. STOP: don,t keep on talking with him on the computer.

2.TURN: turn right away when somebody is bullying you and walk.

3.If bullying starts online just save the messages on the file and show it to an adult.

4.Don,t talk back to the kid that is bullying you ( it would make it worse).

5.Don,t tell one of your friends just tell a teacher.

6.Tell your parents they will always make it stop.