VUS. 4d

events and issues of the Revolutionary Period

Essential Understanding

The American rebels won their independence because the British government grew tired of the struggle soon after the French agreed to help the Americans.

Factors leading to colonial victory

Two Major Factors

  • Diplomatic
  • Military


  • Benjamin Franklin negotiated a Treaty of Alliance with France.
  • The war did not have popular support in Great Britain


  • George Washington avoided any situation that threatened the destruction of his army.
  • George Washington's leadership kept the army together when defeat seemed inevitable.
  • Americans benefited from the presence of the French army and navy at the Battle of Yorktown, which ended the war with an American victory


What factors contributed to the victory of the American rebels?

What ended the Battle of Yorktown? Who won?

Why did the American rebels gain their independence?

Who negotiated the Treaty of Alliance with France?

Who benefited from the presence of the French army and navy?