U of I College of Medicine

UI CCOM Presenting to Micro and A&P classes. Come join!

Univeristy of Iowa Carver College of Medicine Mini Medical School

Are you interested in going in to the health profession? Check out this opportunity Monday, October 24th AT SCHOOL!

UI CCOM is offering an opportunity for high school students to engage with current UI CCOM faculty, staff and students in learning that extends beyond the classroom that relates to biomedical discoveries and medical education.

Two presentations will be given multiple times throughout the day in Microbiology and Anatomy and Physiology courses. All students are welcome to attend if they are interested, however, if they need to be excused from class, please speak with you teacher and see Mr. Wood for a pass.

Class Presentation Schedule

Schedule of presentations below, please see next section for descriptions of presentations.

1st Period - Microbiology, Rm 135 - Dr. Chad Grueter

2nd Period - Open for Q & A in Tigers Den

3rd Period - Anatomy and Physiology, Rm 135 - Alex Greiner

4th Period - Microbiology, Rm 135 - Dr. Chad Grueter

5th Period - Microbiology, Rm 135 - Alex Greiner

Alex Greiner: Beating Time: Investigating Sudden Cardiac Death at Iowa

Cardiac arrhythmia's are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The CDC estimates that 350,000 Americans die suddenly each year due to these arrhythmias. We currently lack the ability to reliably predict those at risk for sudden cardiac death, as nearly 50% of persons who die suddenly are not diagnosed with cardiac disease prior to their death.

Researchers at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine are now using next-generation sequencing to identify novel mutations or genes that may contribute to sudden cardiac death. We hope you’ll join us for a statewide Mini Medical School presentation highlighting how these tools may give doctors a powerful new tool in the fight against cardiovascular disease. Alex Greiner is one of Dr. Grueter's top medical student researcher's at the University of Iowa.

Dr. Chad Grueter - Advances in Cardiovascular Research

Learn about cardiac regulation of whole body metabolism and how it can potentially provide a therapeutic approach to treating the dramatic epidemics of heart disease, obesity and type II diabetes. At the University of Iowa, we are utilizing cutting edge research techniques to uncover new biological paradigms with the goal of developing novel treatments for diseases. You will learn how researchers at the UI Carver College of medicine approach and perform research in the lab, the kinds of tools used in research and exciting new things researchers are doing at the Carver College of Medicine.Dr. Chad Grueter is an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine.