Time Travel? No Way!

By; Mrityunjay, Reagan, Angel, Faith

Top 10 Reasons Not To Go Back To The Middle Ages:

1.Having no power, the peasnats were at the lowest level of the society. Their life was tough and harsh whereas the kings and queens and the nobles lived a comfortable life and enjoy all the luxurious things. That's why we would not want to go there because we would eventually become peasants.

2. We would not want to go there as when we become peasants, we will live in cottages that are not safe. They were made of timber. A framework was built and then the spaces were filled with wattle and daub. The roof are thatched with straws and these are really small cottages. So in these cottages, thieves can come in very easily and they can steal our stuff.

3. One more reason is that when we go there, we will not know in which region we will land and in that region there can be war so we can get killed.


4. Knights were brave soldiers who worked under the kings and nobles and were generally the sons of the nobles. If we go there and even by any chance your bloodline is the same as some noble and we become a knight, we will go in war and we can die in that.

5. People need to travel generally on foot and due to that their legs are generally sore and the technology is not good for travelling at that time, so if we need to abandon our homes due to the war, we could barely take our belongings and will need to either travel on foot or on wagons. Back in the early 1100’s four-wheeled wagons were common, instead of smaller two-wheeled carts.

6. You wouldn't want to go to the Medieval Ages because there are many deadly diseases like the Black Death and Pneumonia. Those were 2 of the 3 most feared diseases in the middle ages. They were very scared because for some of the diseases that they had, there were cures. Not very good ones but they helped. But in cases like the black death and pneumonia, they pretty much all died. What if we caught horrid diseases? We would probably died. We could transport back but what if we die in the process??? We wouldn’t want that.


7. The peasants need to pay really high and sometimes unfair taxes and if you don’t the king or the queen can enslave you. (They would sometimes, if they were the nicer lords, give you a week or so to get it in though.) If they enslave you, you would basically maintain their castle which is really huge and really hard to maintain. You can also fall from the dangerous heights. Or they would put you in a chamber and keep you there for an amount of time.

8. The peasants wore only tunics of different lengths and sometimes a T-shirt and pajamas whereas the royal wore all kind of luxurious clothes with all kinds of patterns and wore really expensive clothes made of different materials. Basically, the peasants didn’t got to wear good clothes and their clothes were generally torn from some places and they also had difficulty replacing it.
9. The people who worked under the kings and queens needed to obey each and everything the king said or, they will be either executed or will be tortured as a punishment. If you are lucky, and the king is good and humble, then you might be spared for your mistakes.
10. It is an era of war, blood is spilled, lives are lost, cities fall, families are torn. Let the past be past. If the past changes, the future changes. You want to be in the era of peace.

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