Promotion Month

We need YOUR help!

DECEMBER is Promotion Month!

WHAT does that mean? We know that not every one wants to work their business full-time, and that is totally okay! The beauty of Norwex is that you can set your own goals and schedule to suit your needs or desires. Your leaders are most likely dependent on this job as a full-time job, though, and have goals they are trying to achieve. Every 6 months, we have a "Promotion Month", and as a team ask all of the members to submit an order of at least $250 in that month to help their team out. :)

WHY? Submitting $250 in a given month will ENGAGE you as a consultant, which keeps you from going dormant. We are asking all consultants to submit a $250 order in the month of December because many are trying to promote to the next level of leadership and having these casual consultants engage in a given month will help the leaders promote. Each and every person who engages helps achieve these promotions, which is very much appreciated!

HOW? Christmas is the perfect time to throw a little party with yourself as host! Talk to friends and family over Thanksgiving and collect some orders to submit after December 1st noon CST! You can give a discount or keep the 35% commission, and you will also earn the fabulous December host rewards!

If you are dormant or you aren't sure of your status, contact your recruiter for advice and direction on how to best go about reactivating.

This is also a great time for YOU to promote! Just 3 engaged recruits in December will help YOU promote to Team Coordinator, and you will begin earning commission from your downline sales the next month!

Thank you so much!

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