By Alex B and Aidan G

Mongoose Facts

The mongoose is a weasel,meerkat looking animal who destroys any rodent or snake in its way They arrived when people let them out into the wild so they would eat the rodents and snakes but , the mongoose is active at day and rodents are active at night so, the mongoose can't really catch the rodents. The indian mongoose is major on rabies and leptospirosis in Puerto Rico and in other islands.

Mongooses effect the food chain because if they eat most of the rodents and snakes, they'll become extinct. , this information is from Mongooses like flat grassy land srubs and savannahs and the edge of villages


In 2000, their damage in Puerto Rico and in Hawaii was 50 million dollars in just that year how much would it be for 20 years to much to count right!

What we can do with the money

We can use the money to purchase a huge cooler or a cold climate area to collect the mongooses in because they dont like the cold weather. Also we can leave them in a dark room because mongooses dont like dark places. We can spend the money to buy cages to capture them in and send them far away or where they came from