The Beautiful Between

By:Alyssa B. Sheinmel


Connelly Sternin is the main character. She lives in a small apartment with her mother and goes to a "rich kid school". Her father died when she was two years old but shes not sure how.

Jeremy Cole is another character in the story who starts talking to Connelly. He is one of the most popular kids in the school and no one knows yet but his sister had been diagnosed with the same cancer her dad died from. Jeremy is the one who helped Connelly find out what really happened.

Kate Cole is Jeremy's younger that gets cancer. her brother and her are very close and going through this is helping bring them even closer.

Connelly's mother is also a big character in this book. She is the kind of person who goes out to lunch with her friends every day and ALWAYS has something to gossip about. Connelly and her mother get very close again by the end of the book when Connelly starts asking questions about her father.


The theme of this story told me that every one has their own problems.Even people that have everything and seem like they have no worries go through or have gone through something.


This book is about Connelly Sternin, a girl who lives with her mom, lost her father, and isn't very sure about herself. She has been wondering what happened to her father for a long time but just learned to not think about it. Then she starts talking to Jeremy Cole, the most popular and looked up to guy at her school. they help each other study for SAT's and Jeremy starts telling her about his sister, Kate, who now has cancer. he also tells Connelly that that's what her father had. But Conelly know there is more to the story and she is determined to find out, Though every time she asks her mom seems to shut herself down.