World in Ruins

World War 1

Dear Speaker,

How can you be so ready to die, in order for your name to be immortalized? What is celebrated in death? When in war a death occurs, nothing but blood and death is left behind. BEcause of the jingoism in the war, sons and daughters will have to grow up with no fathers, and mothers with no husbands. Your country will have to deal with the fact that millions gave up their lives and future for the simple honor of death.

Nothing is lonelier than death, as your countries leaders sit back and receive gold, you are out giving up your life; death is seen as a better gift than gold. Hope for serene in death, but only horror and blood is received.

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With all of the propaganda shown of war, children and young men are quickly signing up to go over seas to honor their countries. But if a man heard the horrors or the war, he would not be waiting in a line to go over to Europe. MIllions of deaths occurred within a few years with no honor behind their demise, choking on poison, breathing in a gas of vile that lead to an immediate death. "It is sweet and seemly to die for your country" a lie within itself, no child would cheer for a war to be if they could witness the horrors facing the men in the trenches, Your body, flung with the rest who fumbled too long with their masks, or didn't run quick enough from trench to trench, or was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. The honor in death is lost when millions of others follow.

Pepper Lecture

  • New technology of killing power created new ways of fighting, and there was no real defense against it.
  • War on Europe focused on slaughter
  • People died in 10,000s everyday and the war went no where
  • Civilians were attacked as well as a fighting tactic
  • Millions of people were sacrificed.
  • A total of about 10 million deaths and 20 million casualties