Indian Matrimonial Sites:

sign, cause and effect of change

Indian Matrimonial Sites: sign, cause and effect of change

Marriage is central to any society. It grew as a code of conduct that ensures security, social order, family and continuing of the lineage. Its practices have today evolved into the presence of Indian matrimonial sites - means of seeking and fixing matrimonial alliances using the Internet. Marriage and its aims are common to all irrespective of the religion or community – it is only the conventions and rituals that differ. However, Indian matrimonial sites can suit the purpose of all communities and religions. In fact, contemporary Indian matrimonial sites go beyond these into broader parameters of matching personalities and lives for long term commitment.

Earlier there was the astrologer, pandit, maulvi, naayan, or a matchmaking friend or relative known to both families to convey an expression of interest. There were also the professional marriage brokers and bureaus (those on the wrong side of forty can picture Shashikala in the laugh riot Biwi O Biwi), and we still see reams and reams of marriage classified ads in newspapers. Today, added to these – and sometimes at their cost - there are Indian matrimonial sites. These matrimonial sites act as the matchmakers: they have prospective partners with personal and professional details lined up. Registration is online, expression of interest a click away, and follow up more personal and individual. Most charge a fee while some, like, are as of now free.

Despite the ingress of love marriages and live in relationships, arranged marriages in India remain firmly entrenched. Parents remain in the forefront of matrimonial alliances, primarily because they want to ensure their children are “well settled”. However, even in this gradual changes are creeping in. Marryinaweek is a matrimonial app that is based on values, interests,, lifestyle and Facebook profile and offers anyone free feature on the app to reach all their matches instantly.

Since the app works inside the facebook, by default prospective bride or groom take control of their activities on the app which includes expressing interest or accepting other’s expression of interest in them.

This is an app as opposed to Indian matrimonial sites and it deviates from the community, caste and religion-centric matches thrown up by, classifieds and Indian matrimonial sites.

In today’s world, compatibility depends on more than shared caste and community and young adults know their minds. In acknowledgement of these, criteria for compatibility in marriage too have changed to beyond those conventionally sought and prospective brides and grooms are more actively a part of the decision making process, making their own parameters and expressing their own aspirations either online or in person. With marriages still holding their own, we can turn a deaf ear to cynical voices of doom for the institution. Yes, conventions for them are changing to suit changing times and Indian matrimonial sites are variously the sign, the cause and the effect of this.

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