George Washington Carver

Scientist, Artist, and Inventor


“I am not a finisher... I am a blazer of trails. Others must take up the various trails of truth and carry them on.” -George Washington Carver. Carver had a hard childhood and a interesting adult life. He will be always known for his discovery of three hundred twenty five ways of using peanuts.

Early Life

George Washington Carver was born on January in the year of 1864 in the Missouri’s Ozark Region which is near Diamond Grove. There are a few depressing things that happened during his early life. To begin, his father had died of a logging accident where he worked. Also, his mother got sold to Moses and Helena. Since George and his brother had no parents Moses and Helena raised them. Then, he got kidnapped with his mother. When Moses sent people to find them, he only found George. To move on, when he was in school, another person was named George Carver so he made a middle name, Washington. Lastly, when he was old enough to go to college, the college didn’t like black people so he couldn’t go to college. To sum it up, he had a harsh childhood.


Carver had a interesting adulthood. To begin, Moses wanted Carver to try again to go to college and persuaded him. He finally went to Simpson College where he was accepted. During the school year he was the only black person in his class. Then his friend recommended another college who expected blacks. It was named Iowa State College. When he was in Iowa State College, he took many classes such as art, plants and a lot more. In the beginning of the school year, he got insulted because of his color but then as time went by, he got along with a few people. To pay for college, he started a laundry company. After he started a laundry company, Carver became a teacher. Everyone wanted him to teach but he always helped black farmers. When people ask him why didn’t he marry, he answered that he didn’t have any time and he thought no one will marry a person who wakes up really early and talk at the plants. In conclusion, Carver had an interesting adult life.

Major Accomplishments

There were many accomplishments that Carver accomplished. To start off, he invented more than three hundred ways to use peanuts but he didn’t produce peanut butter. Next, he was a scientist because he studied plants such as cotton, peanut, and many more. To add on, with his knowledge of plants he helped black farmers and gave them useful information like that fertilizer can be replaced with grass and leaves. Finally, he was a won a lot of prizes. Here are a few examples: 1969, agricultural hall of fame, 1990, Hall of fame of alatza inventors, 1916, elected a fellow of royal society of arts of great Britain. To continue, he was also an inventor because he created a company who make things like hair cream out of peanuts. Finally, he reached his goal which was to prove the importance of blacks. To end, he accomplished many, many important things.


The life of George W. Carver was very important for us to know. Carver’s life ended in 1943, when he was ill, and then fell and a few days after died in January 5th, 1943 in Tuskegee. In conclusion, George Washington Carver was and is and always will be remembered by all people across the world for the many things that he accomplished.


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