Author Study Project

Research an author and create a digital poster!

Bio Information

  • Name, age, alive/deceased
  • Date & place of birth
  • Currently residence
  • Education, non-writing jobs
  • Family
  • Photo

Writing Career

  • Published works - titles, dates, photos of covers
  • Awards/best-sellers/Book lists
  • Made into movie/tv shows
  • Website link - author's, fan's, goodreads

Video or Audio Clip

Embed at least one video or audio clip [author speaking or reading aloud, clip of interview, book trailer, etc.]


Author's personal connections and/or stories behind their writing. Can include interviews or articles about why they write about certain topics, characters, people, or places.

Author's Style

  • What types of writing does he/she usually create?
  • What genre does he/she usually write within?
  • What inspires him/her to write? Who is his/her mentor or hero?

Find quotes from the author, from their work, or from book reviews to show and explain his/her particular writing style.

Author Study Poster Due Date

Sunday, Nov. 1st, 12am

This is an online event.

You must electronically submit your poster to me before class on Monday, 11/2