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Too much outsourcing hurts our communities!

Is outsourcing jobs hurting the United States?

Outsourcing is when a company takes jobs away from U.S. to other countries, where people want less money to do the work. Heavy taxes at home and demands by Unions of American workers to get higher wages force many companies to outsource. Outsourcing allows companies to make cheaper products to sell at home in U.S., which helps the people of U.S. Outsourcing also helps many companies to survive from shutting down. When these companies grow, they hire more people in United States as well as in other countries. Outsourcing also helps people of other countries to become richer and to understand America better than they thought, and creates more business between United States and other countries. So is outsourcing really hurting United States? Maybe a better question is whom does outsourcing hurt in the United States? Maybe outsourcing really hurts United States only if there is way too much outsourcing by too many companies in the U.S.

Outsourcing leaves some people in United States without work. It is very hard for those people to find work after this happens, because this kind of work is the only work they know of. Some companies need to keep their jobs in the United States.

Government can do a lot to help companies keep jobs in the U.S. The taxes cannot be too high, or companies will move to other countries where taxes are less. People can help keep companies if they don't ask for an unreasonably high wage which companies cannot pay them.

President Obama raised taxes on the companies and forced them to outsource more. Now President Obama wants to put even more taxes to punish the companies for outsourcing. He also wants to lower taxes for some companies in the United States.

Presidential candidate Romney wants to lower taxes and have less regulations on businesses.

Neither presidential candidate, Obama or Romney, seems to yet state a clear plan about outsourcing. Outsourcing is not going to go away because it is a necessary part of modern business. However outsourcing of jobs must be kept in balance, so there are enough jobs for everyone.