How to Mummify a Body

By Cohen and Sam


1. Wash and shave the body

2. Put a long hook up the nose and twist to break up the brain

3. Turn the body over so the brain flows into a bowl

4. Cut a slit in the side of the body to remove all the organs except the heart

5. Place the intestines, liver, lungs and stomach into 4 canopic jars

6. Cover the body in salt (natron) for 40 days

7. Wash the body and stuff the cavities with resin soaked-linen

8. Make the body look nice by applying make-up and a wig

9. Use perfume oil to make the body smell nice

10. Brush pine resin over the body to preserve it

11. Cover the wound in the side of the body with a Wadjet Amulet

12. Wrap the body in linen bandages, inserting amulets into the bandages as you go

13. Place a gold vulture amulet at the throat of the body

14. Fit a mask to the body

15. Label the body with the name in hieroglyphs

16. Place the body into the inner casket

17. Add a copy of the book of the dead into the casket

18. Seal the casket: