Dresses Category Update

Feedback from QC, VP and Customer Care

Quality Control -Maria Imberlina

Be The Buyer Issues:

common issues: uneven hems, weak seams, stains, ill-fitting garments

have to perform an extremely large quality check on these items, very time consuming

ideas to improve this process

example VPs: LOV1020781, SEV0D445

Vendor to Watch: Moon Collection

Recently I have seen a trend in Moon Collection Vendor Problems. The issues vary from wrong color styles to extreme quality issues. As a Quality Assurance vendor they are already on our watch list but I will continue to closely monitor their items as they come in. I have added in a couple Vendor Problems that stood out to me this month.

Vendor Problems- Rikki Greer

Total Number of VPs for May 2013

Quality VPs 29

Comp/Care/COO 6

SS/OS 24

Wrong Color 3

Total Number of VPs for May 2013 62

47% Quality

10% Comp/Care/COO

39% SS/OS

4% Wrong Color

Customer Care- Kate Anderson

Vendors send different colors/fabrics

Customers have contacted us with complaints. Many use these as bridesmaid dresses and need them all to be the same.

Tropical Wear

Construction is inconsistent and patterns mismatch

Product photograph shows that patterns don't line up and customers complain that it is an issue of quality.

Customer Comments

  • Price point is increasing and creating a great divide between low end and high end

  • Record Time Dress- collar is 1.5” off center when worn

  • When the Night Comes dress in Petal- lining sewn poorly

  • A Starboard is Born Dress -length very short at 27”

  • Hazelnuts about You Dress- customer quote "All of the lace tiers were not hemmed and they are fraying in some places. This dress would never withstand dry cleaning or any other form of cleaning after the first wearing and would in essence make this a disposable, one-time wear dress."

Maria Imberlina - Quality Control Specialist

Hello everyone!

I have been with ModCloth since March 2012. Quality Control has always been my calling and I have enjoyed growing with my team. We started out small and in a little over a year we have grown tremendously! I am very excited to take on the huge task of dresses and think I have a great team in Rikki and Kate and can't wait to see what great changes this brings!

I went to college in Los Angeles at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I lived there for about three years and moved back home to be with my family. But not a day goes by that I don't miss the sun and bustling streets of the city of angels. I currently have one dog, a beagle and jack russell terrier mix, Buttons. I enjoy painting in my free time. I and a licensed cosmetologist so you can also find me doing someone's hair or makeup in off time as well. Basically anything to do with beauty or fashion, I am totally interested in.

The installation of the separate categories will be amazing for our business and will really help us to see what is going on with each vendor. I think this is a great partnership and I am excited to start this new phase within ModCloth.

Rikki Greer - Vendor Problem Specialist

I joined the ModCloth team back in June 2012. I started out in shipping and moved to intake within my first three months. I was officially hired on December 2012. However, it wasn't until March 2013 that I joined the Vendor Problems team. Which I am very excited to be apart of.

I have been married for a little under two years. I live with my husband and three cats. Gordon, Sadie, and Wally. We are currently looking into buying our first home. Which is very exciting!

When I am not at work you can find me on my computer. Whether it is playing online games, surfing the net, or watching the new season of Arrested Development, I am glued to that screen.

Having categories is a good way of tracking what needs improving and also what is already improving. This is a great way of providing our customers with great products!

Kate Anderson - Care ModStylist Associate Lead

I have been with ModCloth for four years and started in the returns department. I worked as the returns lead until last September, when I moved to customer care! Now, as the care ModStylist associate lead, I am happy to take customer interactions and use my creativity with styling and product knowledge.

I attended Kent State University and after graduating in 05, I went into retail management. I live with my husband Joe, our dachshund Riggs and cat Odessa. My husband works for Apple and films short movies, so naturally, we love movies! As Rikki stated above, I'm also obsessed with Arrested Development! In my free time, I like to shop online, be outdoors and spend time with my family. I have three nieces and a nephew that are the light of my life (after my furry babies)!

I'm so glad to be a part of this collaboration! Rikki and Maria are great resources and have so much knowledge from their work in intake. I think this will be very impactful and if there is anything else that I can help provide, please let me know!