Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones Jr.

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A Brief Biography of Bobby Jones

On March 17, 1902 Robert Tyre Jones Jr. was born into a very successful family in Atlanta. Georgia. He started winning multiple championships as a child. Throughout his young years he could not have solid consumption of food until the age of five. His family bought all kinds of estates around the country. At the age of fourteen he qualified into the US Amateur Championship.He was an amateur golfer, engineer, and mainly a lawyer, he got his degrees from Harvard to Emory University School of Law. During his peak (1923-30) he won 13/20 major championships, where he broke his and other's records. Jones did this all of this before retiring at the age of twenty-eight. He was the only golfer to be honored with a single season grand slam. He helped build community up with courses to clubs. He made short films for instructions on golf with the Hollywood studios, The Warner Brothers. He also served as a ,lieutenant in World War ll. He had three children and loved them before anyone else in the world. In his later years Bobby was restrained to a wheelchair because on an illness called Syringomyelia which caused damage to his spinal cord. He died on December 18,1971 where he is rested in

Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia

The Life of Bobby Jones

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1. Did Jones ever become a professional golfer?

2. What was his greatest honor, that his son said, while he was alive?


Jones was a very impactful golfer because he helped people who wanted to learn more about sports. He made instructional videos to help. He probably did not care about the 18th amendment because he owned multiple clubs and lots of speakeasies.