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HOT Topics

Benefits can be...

  • Creates more land
  • Fertilizes soil
  • Helps things grow

NOT so HOT Topics

Negative facts...

  • Destruction of land/area
  • Harms animals near by
  • Destroys crops
  • Harms/Kills PEOPLE
  • Ruins financial businesses
  • can kill live stock
  • can destroy buildings

Description of Volcanoes

Volcanoes are openings in earth's crust where magma escapes. Most volcanoes are located around the plate boundaries where the crust pulls apart or pushes together, allowing magma to escape. Volcanoes can appear as large holes in the ground.

How to stay cool and calm!!!!

1. RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.If you can't then get HELP, then get somewhere high and as far as you can.

3.If you are a child get an adult

4.Don't be an idiot and touch it

5.Don't be near flammable items

Kilauea - Hawaii’s Constantly Erupting Volcano

Cause of event

Volcanoes are caused by plates colliding or rubbing against each other.

Common locations

  • Hawaii
  • Pacific Ocean [Ring of Fire ]
  • Japan

Fire Proof Fundraiser

We will hold...

  • kids games and rides
  • A BBQ Buffet
  • We will also sell movie tickets

This will be held at Wagner park, from 11.am to 5.pm five days a week for all of January. Our slogan is "You can be a fire proof fighter"