GERO Courses for Spring 2015

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Aging Studies Courses

Wanted! All students with interests in aging - from the effects of biology on the aging process, to social and institutional supports and challenges.

GERO Courses to Fit Your Program and Your Interests

GERO 5100, Section 001–Hot Topics in the Biology of Aging, 1 credit

(1 cr; Mondays, 9:05 am – 9:55 am, MTRF 2-204)

Hot Topics in the Biology of Aging provides a platform for understanding the major issues surrounding biological research in aging. This course will include a combination of student- and faculty-led discussions on select research topics that are highly relevant to the field of biogerontology research, along with seminars on scientific integrity.

GERO 5100, Section 002–Aging and Society, 2 credits

(2 cr; Thursdays, 2:30 pm – 4:25 pm, East Bank)

A course examining the interactions between older adults and social institutions, such as healthcare, family, government, economy, and religion. Students who take this course will have a better understanding of today's aging society, including the role of population aging for public policy. Approved as an elective in the PHAP policy track.

GERO 5110 – The Biology of Aging, 3 credits

(3 cr; Mondays, 4:40 pm – 7:40 pm, East Bank, offered spring every year)

The Biology of Aging course deals in understanding more about physical changes of healthy aging, and about changes of aging-related diseases: current scientific theories on physiological changes, common diesases of aging, application of principals to professional or personal areas.

GERO 5115 – Introduction to Geriatrics, 2 credits

(2 cr; S-N only, online course, offered fall, spring, summer every year)

Offered completely online, Introduction to Geriatrics provides an overview of a variety of topics that include both geriatric syndromes and approaches to providing geriatric care. Students from a variety of disciplines who want to understand the nature of geriatric health issues will find this course of interest.

GERO 5125 – Gerontology Service Learning, 3 credits

(3 cr; class meetings arranged and online, offered fall, spring, summer every year)

Combination of in-person and online instruction. An experiential learning opportunity for graduate and professional students interested in gerontology. Students will gain first-hand knowledge by working with a residential community of senior citizens

"...the strength of the professors in this discipline and their knowledge of their fields has provided me with a first class education in the field of aging and gerontology."

Center on Aging

The mission of the Center on Aging is to facilitate the University of Minnesota's response to the many issues of the aging population by fostering basic and applied research, as well as education of students and professionals to help explicate the aging process and inform public policy.