Knight Notes

Yarbrough Elementary - December Newsletter 2020

Quick Glance at Important Dates

December 4th - School Spelling Bee

December 11th - Club Day for In-person and Remote Learners

December 19th - January 4th - Winter Break

January 5th - Start of the Third Quarter for Students

From Dr. Forster

Thank you so much for helping keep our Auburn City Schools open. By checking to ensure your child is not sick prior to coming to school, providing a face covering for your child and encouraging hand sanitization at home and school, you have helped Yarbrough Elementary stay safe and healthy. We are now less than three weeks away from our mid-year point, and we are thrilled to have made it this far.

Many of our Remote Learners will be returning to YES in January. We can’t wait to greet our returning students as soon as they step off the bus or walk through the front door on January 5th. We had three 4th grade and three 5th grade remote learning homerooms to start the year. In January, we will transition to one 4th grade and one 5th grade remote learning homerooms – and will add two 4th grade and two 5th grade homerooms to traditional learning at YES.

As you are planning your shopping list this holiday season, please consider the gift of a book. We try to encourage reading at YES and your modeling reading around your child at home will pay dividends later in life.

While we will still be under strict distancing protocols at YES to start the new year, I look forward to the day when we can welcome parents back into our school, because it is the support from our parents that has helped create our culture at YES.

Knightly News

Want to stay caught up on what’s happening at Y.E.S.? Watch the Knightly News! You can find our daily news broadcast linked below or on the school website. Look under “Our School”, then click on “Knightly News”. Then click on the video next to the day of the week of the broadcast you want to watch. Broadcasts are available for viewing for one week.

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Nurse Notes from Nurse Julia

Big picture

Art Adventures with Mr. Daniel

We're looking forward to an awesome time in art here at Yarbrough!

Our fourth-grade artists are working on their final versions of "Pattern City" (a look at Linear Perspective). We're using our creative ability and the principles of linear perspective to develop abstract structures filled with a variety of designs and patterns.

Our fifth-grade artists are working on their final versions of "Design This Space" (a look at Linear Perspective). We're using our imagination and the principles of linear perspective to design interior spaces based on a specific theme. We will explore how to create the appearance of three- dimensional depth and form on a two- dimensional surface.

Computer Communication with Miss Ball

In the month of December students will continue working through our typing program, Edutyping. They will also create a virtual Christmas or holiday list through Office 365 on PowerPoint. Lastly, the students will create their own winter holiday story using Microsoft Word through Office365.

Fitness Fun with Coach Smith

In December, students will begin a "Wild and Wacky Bowling" unit and recreation games. Students will also practice math and reading skills related to fitness and sports.

Virtual and traditional students can find PE activities on Schoology and our PE website.

Media Center Memo with Mrs. McGilberry

In the month of December, students will be creating travel brochures during their library class. We will cover research, persuasive writing, and technology skills. This will be a cross curriculum project with your child’s social studies teacher.

Music Moments with Mrs. Oprandy

November was a particularly exciting time in music class! Every class was featured in their own virtual Veterans Day program. All students sang the Star-Spangled Banner and said the Pledge of Allegiance. Fifth-graders performed a flag waving routine to “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” and fourth-graders performed a paper-plate waving routine to “America, the Beautiful.” If you missed your child’s performance, it’s not too late! Here is the link to the page where you can click on the name of your child’s teacher to view their performance:

In addition, all musicians at Y.E.S. enjoyed many music activities related to the piece, “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Students learned about the composer, reviewed dynamics, tempo, and several different rhythmic notations. They performed a body percussion routine to the music and learned more about timbre by creating their own rhythm instruments to play along with the music.

For Multiplication Week, students sang along to “Multiplication Mash-Up,” reviewed note values by playing a musical math game, and danced to the beat when playing Multiplication Musical Chairs.

Venture Visit with Mr. Jackson

Greetings Yarbrough Family,

We had a lot of fun with the in-class chess tournament. Mulitplication Week was also a big hit as we played "Game of Six" during Venture. Currently, we are learning about tangrams and how only seven pieces can fit together to create many different images. Have a great holiday season!!!

Counseling Connection with Mrs. Walsh

In December we will focus on self-esteem and relationships. Self-esteem is important because it affects one’s behaviors and thoughts. Self-esteem impacts one’s life and choices. Parents can help boost their children’s self-esteem by helping them look for good role models to learn from, helping them focus on achievements not failures, setting reachable goals, smiling and walking with confidence, practicing the things they do well, always put forth their best effort, and spending time with people who love them. Talk with your children about keeping a good attitude even when bad things happen in life. Be that “example” that your child wants to grow up and be like.

Quote of the month:

“The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.”
Ayn Rand